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Local Hospital Information

Deaconess Hospital

This page lists all local Deaconess branches, as well as their phone numbers, addresses, and maps to their facilities.

St. Vincent Hospital

This page lists all local St. Vincent’s branches, as well as their phone numbers, addresses, and maps to their facilities.

Where can you go for help and who can you talk to?

USI Counseling Center

Orr Center 1051
Offers emotional support and understanding with the aim of reducing fears and anxieties. Emotional aspects of trauma can be explored and confidentially discussed. Counselors can serve as advocates and/or provide referrals to appropriate community resources. 

University Health Center

Health Professions 091

Provides immediate and follow-up services for a person who has experienced a sexual assault, with the aim of identifying physical manifestations resulting from the emotional and physical trauma.

Albion Fellows Bacon Center

Domestic Violence 812-422-5622
Sexual Assault 812-424-7273
Toll-free 800-339-7752 (all answered 24 hours)
Offers emotional support for victims, safe and protected housing or assistance in finding housing if you're not safe, and assistance and support in dealing with the Criminal Justice System. Provides information, referrals, or "just to lend an ear," and all calls are confidential.


Provides services to victims of domestic violence, including a crisis line and emergency shelter. 

Holly's House

Provides a safe, single location for reporting of violence. 

USI Religious Life

8115A Wright Building (O’Daniel Apartment Complex)
Offers supportive counseling and spiritual care. Also provides advocacy services and referrals to appropriate resources. 

Housing & Residence Life

Your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator

Can provide you with general housing advocacy and emotional support during the crisis and through the recovery process.

Dean of Students Office

University Center East 1229
While a victim may choose not to prosecute criminally, s/he retains the right to file a complaint through the University Code of Student Behavior. Campus judicial matters are protected by the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Dean of Students office can also provide students with scheduling changes if necessary.

Office of the Provost

Wright building 103B


Public Safety

Security Building
812-492-7777 (emergencies) or 812-464-1845 (non-emergencies)

Human Resources


Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office


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