University of Southern Indiana

What to Do if You are Assaulted

You Have Choices

You can report to USI Public Safety.
Reporting to campus officials does not require you to file criminal charges.
You may report anonymously. 

You can report to local law enforcement.
Reporting helps alert Public Safety and other officials of this danger and may save someone else from experiencing sexual violence and lessen the risk to the campus community. 

You can report to the Dean of Students Office.

You can report to the Title IX Officer in the Office of Human Resources.

You can seek medical care at a local emergency room.

  • They will collect evidence, perform a physical exam, treat for possible STI’s, and offer counseling referrals. Try not to shower, change clothes, wash your hands, etc. if you think you may want evidence collected.
  • You are not required to file criminal charges if you seek medical care.
  • Specialized Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE Nurses) are available to treat you.
  • These services are free in Indiana.

You can seek out counseling, support, and advocacy.

It is up to you who you tell about what happened to you.  Reporting acts of sexual violence to a USI affiliated employee may result in an investigation of the circumstances. 


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