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Four Critical Components

The Living Wisely Signature Initiative is comprised of four critical components: (1) An Academic Venture Capital Fund; (2) A Fellows Program; (3) Physical Resources; (4) Tracking of Engagement

Academic Venture Capital Fund The investment of substantial funds to incentivize the alignment of faculty priorities around large challenges that drive engagement, attract community-engaged partners, and produce outcomes related to the Signature Initiative.

Fellows Program The incorporation of scholars with appropriate expertise into the design and execution of Signature Initiative efforts so as to inject additional intellectual capital, enthusiasm, and energy.

Physical Resources The allocation of dedicated space that will foster interactions between the stakeholders who will drive the Signature InitiativeUSI's Campus Map

Tracking of Engagement The development and maintenance of an up-to-date, comprehensive, and searchable database of faculty expertise and community engagement to synergize existing efforts, identify new opportunities, and track outcomes. A dedicated staff is in place to support the program, including assisting in the identification and development of opportunities as well as in monitoring and supporting the overall progress of Signature Initiative.

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