University of Southern Indiana

Goal Oriented Mission

We are employing a strategy to foster the interaction of faculty across disciplines to drive the identification and effective engagement of large, complex challenges that impact our community, region, and world. We have identified healthy living as a focus of our efforts. Our communities are more productive and vibrant when they are populated by healthy and engaged citizens. Health is known to be impacted by the level of education and financial stability. Any effort to stabilize the long term health of a community must take these factors into consideration. Given the desire of USI to meaningfully engage and benefit the surrounding community, and in recognition of the relationship between health, education, and economic security, the Signature Initiative - Living Wisely will develop inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches to promote health and reduce poverty in our community while engaging citizens in decision making and self-advocacy about their future.

The Signature Initiative includes the integrated deployment of critical elements that support multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration where faculty and student efforts, in partnership with community stakeholders, can explore, discover, implement, and assess solutions that impact the health, education, and economic security of our community. The goal of Signature Initiative is to foster multidisciplinary scholarly work that impacts faculty, university, and the community by leveraging faculty expertise and existing university partnerships with the community to address the needs of our community.

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