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The University Center has been designed to support the programs, events, meetings and conferences of students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the University. As a focal point for University events, the University Center's central purpose and primary goal is to serve the needs of the students; however, all members of the University community and non-University groups and individuals have the opportunity to use the facilities.

The University Center plays a vital role in serving the activity, meeting and dining needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. In the management capacity of the University Center, the department's goal is to consistently maintain the integrity and quality of the facility and furnishings to provide a convenient and pleasant environment for all activities.

Carter Hall (Ballroom)
Carter Hall was a generous gift of Jennings D. "Nick" Carter in loving memory of his wife Josephine K. Carter. Constructed in 1997, Carter Hall is located on the second floor of the University Center (West) and is primarily used for large meetings, conferences, weddings and dances. The total capacity of Carter Hall (rooms A,B,C, and D) is 700 guests. Using sound-dampening portable walls, it can be divided into three separate break-out rooms, (A, B or C), holding 25 to 50 people per room. Each room is self contained, carpeted and has access to a professional sound system.

Standard staging and podiums are available at no additional charge. Carter Hall D and C have a permanently installed projector and drop-down screen. 

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Carter Hall floor plan

    Meeting Room


Carter Hall A, B, C, D 70' x 99.6'
Carter Hall A 34.5' x 22.75'
Carter Hall A, B 34.5' x 45.5'
Carter Hall A, B, C

34.5' x 68.25'

Meeting Rooms
The University Center offers large and small meeting rooms located on the second floor. Each room is carpeted and equipped with seating and conference tables. Each room has a permanently installed desktop computer and large wall-mounted monitor screen.  

UC East Meeting Rooms

Traditions Lounge

Roeder Traditions Lounge
Roeder Traditions Lounge, dedicated to USI alumni, is located within the University Center Tower on the second floor. The lounge offers hardwood floors, a dramatic ceiling open to the top of the tower and views of the University Quad.

Conference Center
The Conference Center in University Center East is composed of four rooms, each with with movable center walls, permanently installed projectors, and drop-down screens. When divided, the four rooms can accommodate approximately 60 seated guests. When the rooms are combined, the space can seat approximately 240. 

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