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Party of the Decades 2015

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Donna Koewler
Mrs. Donna Koewler
Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-465-1257
University Center West 044

Rustin Howard
Mrs. Rustin Howard
Associate Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-461-5449
University Center West 045

Megan Doyle
Ms. Megan Doyle
Assistant Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-464-1745
University Center West 046

Timothy Bennett
Mr. Timothy Bennett
Manager of Special Event Services
Contact: 812-228-5141
University Center East 2214

Lauren Clowers
Mrs. Lauren Clowers
Scheduling Services Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7078
University Center West 017A

Beth Burks
Mrs. Beth Burks
Student Event Services Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7037
University Center West 016

Rhonda Woolsey
Ms. Rhonda Woolsey
Special Events Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-1213
University Center West 017

Rick Small
Mr. Rick Small
Special Events Supervisor
Contact: 812-461-5276
University Center East 2211

Danielle Walker
Miss. Danielle Walker
Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-464-1930
University Center West 015

Mathew Olinger
Mr. Mathew Olinger
Event Services Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5318
University Center West 201

Robert Moore
Mr. Robert Moore
Event Services Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1213
University Center East 2214

Angela Short
Mrs. Angela Short
Administration Clerk
Contact: 812-465-7080
University Center West 017

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