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About Special Events and Scheduling Services
Special Events and Scheduling Services is the sole contact for reserving all indoor and outdoor University facilities including the University Center, academic space, conference rooms, dining rooms, recreational areas and outdoor areas on the campus of USI.

A meeting planner from Special Events and Scheduling Services will contact you after your event has been scheduled. From this point forward, the meeting planner will be your primary contact, listening to your meeting or conference objectives and ideas and providing assistance throughout the formation of plans for your event. He or she will share a mutual goal with you to make your event, conference, or camp the best experience it can be for your guests with an attentive eye while working within your budget.

You can count on your meeting planner to implement the details of your event plans.

Events with Children as Guests
The University of Southern Indiana's Child Protection Policy applies to all employees and volunteers of the University or University-affiliated organizations, as well as individuals and entities with contractual relationships with the University. The policy also applies to all students, visitors and guests, with respect to conduct requirements.

Meet Our Team

Donna Koewler
Mrs. Donna Koewler
Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-465-1257
University Center West 044

Rustin Howard
Mrs. Rustin Howard
Associate Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-461-5449
University Center West 045

Megan Doyle
Ms. Megan Doyle
Assistant Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-464-1745
University Center West 046

Timothy Bennett
Mr. Timothy Bennett
Manager of Special Event Services
Contact: 812-228-5141
University Center East 2214

Beth Burks
Mrs. Beth Burks
Student Event Services Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7037
University Center West 016

Rhonda Woolsey
Ms. Rhonda Woolsey
Special Events Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-1213
University Center West 017

Rick Small
Mr. Rick Small
Special Events Supervisor
Contact: 812-461-5276
University Center East 2211

Lauren Clowers
Mrs. Lauren Clowers
Scheduling Services Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7078
University Center West 017A

Mathew Olinger
Mr. Mathew Olinger
Event Services Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5318
University Center West 201

Robert Moore
Mr. Robert Moore
Event Services Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1213
University Center East 2214

Angela Short
Mrs. Angela Short
Administration Clerk
Contact: 812-465-7080
University Center West 017

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