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Late Night Programming

Late Night Programming Procedure

Student Organization Events in the University Center

Late Night Hours, 12 am – 2 am


The sponsoring student organization must submit the USI Event Request Form to Special Events and Scheduling Services at least 3 weeks prior to the proposed event date.

Before scheduling and confirming the requested event, Special Events and Scheduling Services will research and consider:

  • venue availability
  • set up/tear down timelines prior to and following event in relationship with currently scheduled events
  • ability to schedule UC staff required and ability to support event
  • ability to schedule USI Public Safety Officer or Deputy, if required for event
  • availability of USI Dining staff

If possible, alternate meeting/event space will be offered if:

  • requested space cannot be reserved due to a previously scheduled event in the requested venue
  • there is lack of accessible staff
  • set up and tear down times are insufficient for production of event

Additional approvals from USI Student Development Programs, USI Public Safety, USI Facility Operations and Planning, USI Risk Management may be required depending on type of activity.

Events may only be scheduled up to 2 am; UC staff will perform normal facility closing operations until 2:30 a.m.


The sponsoring student organization will be charged for a minimum of 2 UC staff members at a rate of $50 for 2.5 hours (includes half hour closing time between 2 am and 2:30 am).

If more than one event running past 12am is scheduled on the same date, all organizations with scheduled events past 12 am will share in the charges for the UC staff members.

Organizations will be responsible for any charges incurred; Catering, Public Safety Officers, reserved parking, IT tech support, Facility Operations and Planning charges, damages, etc.


Only UC meeting/event space and public areas of the University Center East and University Center West will be open during the scheduled event time. (The USI Performance Center is not considered an extension of the University Center; therefore, late night programming in this center is unavailable.)

More than 1 late night event could be scheduled on the same evening but each group would be obligated to follow the scheduling requirements outlined above.

Student Organizations are responsible for following University Center procedures regarding meeting room use and decorating.

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