University of Southern Indiana

Policies & Procedures

Campus Wide
All events on campus must end by midnight (12 a.m.).

Use of space for a purpose other than for which it has been designated is not permitted. Space will not be reserved or rented to any individual, group or organization that is in competition with University programs.

Users who misrepresent any event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges or compliance with the general policies of the University may have reservation privileges suspended and incur additional charges.

Individuals and groups will be responsible for the behavior of members of the organization. Individuals and groups will be charged repair, replacement or cleaning resulting from damages to the facilities or equipment or for inadequate clean up.

Smoking is not permitted on campus or within University buildings. See the University tobacco policy for more information. Alcohol is not permitted on campus.

Arrangements for food services through USI Dining are to be made after the room reservation has been confirmed by Special Events and Scheduling Services. Please refer to the USI Dining page for additional information. If your event is scheduled in the University Center with more than 50 attending and you choose to have food, you are required to order from USI Dining. Separate guidelines are in place for Rice Library and the Physical Activities Center.

Decorations, displays or exhibits that require flame or water cannot be used in University buildings. Hurricane or votive candles may be used on tables. Open flame candles are prohibited. Special Events and Scheduling Services has a supply of hurricane lamps for rent.

Painter's tape may be used to hang decorations on painted walls. The use of cellophane tape, glue, staples, thumbtacks or adhesive is not permitted on the walls, ceilings, doorframes, doors, columns or staging for attaching any material. No tape is allowed on any wood surfaces. Angel hair, glitter, confetti and straw are also prohibited.

Arrangements for any audio-visual or other equipment, special set-up and catering must be confirmed 48 hours in advance for the event.

Classroom Space
Classroom space is semi-dedicated space to accomplish the educational mission of the University. Classroom space is released for campus reservation after the first two weeks of class in fall and spring semesters and after one week in the summer sessions. Anything before this will have to be approved one day prior to the event.

Space in Campus Housing
Space in campus housing is reservable only for groups affiliated with the University of Southern Indiana. Events in housing facilities can be reserved by USI departments, student organizations or official conference groups.

Set-ups have been established for all of the rooms. Rooms must be returned to their original set ups to avoid Physical Plant labor charges. All garbage must be emptied and taken to the dumpster closest to the building reserved when holding an event in the housing area.

Physical Activities Center
When using the courts in the Physical Activities Center (PAC), gym shoes must be worn. Groups are restricted to the area that has been reserved. Food and drinks are not permitted in the court area. You must provide your own equipment unless you reserve it at the time of court reservation. You will be responsible for repairs or replacement of any damaged equipment. USI is not responsible for items left unattended in the locker rooms. Any damage in the locker room will be charged to the group who made the reservation. PAC workers will assist the renters with any problems. PAC workers must be notified if there is an accident. If the event scheduled in the PAC is outside regularly scheduled PAC hours, the event sponsor will be required to pay for a PAC worker to staff the building. There are no exceptions to this policy. If the pool is scheduled outside of open swim hours, the event will be required to pay for a lifeguard(s).

Outdoor Education Area
The outdoor education area (OEA) includes the Virgil C. Eicher Barn, Westwood Lodge and the Paul Grimes Haus. Eicher barn has two enclosed areas and a covered walkway. There are also volleyball standards in this area. If available, campus groups may reserve a net and ball at the PAC counter. Westwood Lodge is a popular place for cookouts, meetings. The building has a large interior room with a working fireplace. A small covered patio area is in front of the building. The Grimes Haus is used for meetings and special events throughout the year. The maximum amount of people allowed in the OEA is 300. Only 15 cars will be allowed during large events. Visitors are to park in the Valley Lot east of Physical Activities Center.

For guest safety we will require the following information to confirm your reservation:

  • Number of guests - Adult supervision is required for children under 18 years of age.
  • A complete description of your event or an agenda of planned activities.

Westwood Lodge has a working fireplace and campfire pits are in front of the other facilities; however, fires are NOT permitted without prior permission from the Environmental Protection Agency and USI Director of Public Safety. Tell us when you make your reservation if you would like to build a fire while you are on campus. A determination will be made 24 hours prior to your event and you will be notified.

For a campfire request to be approved, it must meet the minimum following standards:

  • Use only the wood provided.
  • Adequate fire fighting equipment (water hose or fire extinguisher) shall be on-site for extinguishing purposes during burning times.
  • The fire itself cannot exceed two feet in height.
  • You must provide a name and phone number of a responsible party to set and extinguish the fire, as well as the hours of the fire.

Rice Library 1st Floor
To maintain the tranquility of the library experience, organization tables or easels to promote events (held outside of the library facility), sell or distribute products or literature, etc. are not authorized to take place within the library building.

The following materials and equipment are unacceptable for use in this area:

  • Decorations, except those used on refreshment tables in the corridor
  • Materials i.e., confetti, water, hay, candles, angel hair
  • Items affixed to walls with tape, other adhesives, staples, tacks
  • Open flames
  • Staging
  • Sound amplification
  • Lighting, other than permanently installed fixtures
  • Starbucks logo on promotional literature or messages

Event sponsors will be responsible for the respectful behavior of guests and are expected to clean the area following the event. Event sponsors will be charged fees for repair, replacement or cleaning resulting from damages to the facilities or equipment. Additional fees may be charged for inadequate clean up.

For information regarding the use of this space, please contact the Student Event Services Supervisor at extension 7037.

Campus Quad
Events in the Quad (area between Liberal Arts Center and Rice Library) may be scheduled in this area with proper approvals. Please contact Special Events and Scheduling Services two months prior to the event date to discuss the event and begin the approval process. Events will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Indoor and Outdoor Tables

  • All table activities must carry the identification of the sponsoring organization.
  • A representative of the sponsoring organization must be present at the table at all times.
  • Promotions may take the form of ticket sales, collection of funds, distribution of literature, etc.
  • Tables must be kept neat and orderly. Materials must be removed at the end of each day.
  • All table activities are limited to the confines of the table. Traffic flow through the hallways cannot be restricted. Information table activities cannot interfere with the rights of others operating other information tables.
  • Loud and boisterous activity will not be allowed.
  • Fundraising activities must be approved prior to reserving an information table. Fundraising is the collection of money in any form for any reason. Special Events and Scheduling Services in accordance with University regulations must approve fundraising activities in any form.

Information tables
Student organizations can reserve the following locations to have information tables: 

  • UC fountain area
  • UC event tables
  • Liberal Arts lobby (second floor)
  • Orr Center lobby
  • Redwood Lounge
  • Science and Education lobby (first and second floor)

Contact the Student Event Services Supervisor for charges that may apply.

Bake sale tables
Student organizations can reserve the following locations for bake sale tables:

  • Second floor LA lobby
  • OC lobby and the Redwood Lounge (if the group prefers to make all of the items that they will be selling)
  • UC indoor event tables (if the group prefers to purchase items from USI Dining)

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