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Conflict of Interest
This section from the USI Handbook defines the scope of requirements, procedures to be followed, and other conflict of interest topics.

Effort Certification
This effort assures sponsors that funds are properly expended for the salaries and wages of employees working on sponsored projects. This applies when all or a portion of an employee's effort is expended on any federal, state, local, or privately sponsored agreement.

Facilities and Administrative (F&A)
Guidelines for F&A costs (indirect costs) that must be included in the budgets of proposals for grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and subrecipient agreements when allowable.

Faculty Workload Assignment
Breaks down effort categories to help faculty members appropriately document workload effort.

Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
States the Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Policy and correct procedures. Includes Significant Financial Interest Determination and Disclosure forms.

Human Subjects Research (HSR) Definition
Defines the terms "human subjects" and "research" to help determine if a study requires IRB review. See also the USI OSPR's IRB Human Subjects Research webpage.

Intellectual Property
USI's complete Intellectual Property Policy as approved by the USI Board of Trustees.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research
Defines responsibilities of the IRB committee and new procedures the principal investigator must take for IRB review. 

Lab Safety and Research
This manual written by the Office of Risk Management and Safety covers all environment, health and safety, and insurance topics.

Research Misconduct
Details the Research Misconduct Policy and correct procedures for reporting and handling research misconduct. An overview of the USI Research Integrity Policy is found in the University Handbook.

USI University Handbook
The USI University Handbook includes practices, policies, rules, regulations, and procedures that are of importance and general interest to the USI faculty and staff members.