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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA Southern Indiana Game-by-Game Highs (Apr 21, 2006) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs CALDWELL COLLEGE 11/11/05 88-71 W 35-Thompson, Chr 11-Thompson, Chr 9-Wise, Marty 4-Gibson, Danny 2-Christmas, Ke vs UNIV.OF NEBRASKA OMAHA 11/12/05 76-71 W 15-Bryant, David 12-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 2-Bryant, David None Hall, Melvin Hall, Melvin Thompson, Chr Thompson, Chr vs COLUMBUS ST. UNIV. 11/13/05 90-86 W 18-Thompson, Chr 14-Thompson, Chr 6-Bryant, David 3-Gibson, Danny 3-Christmas, Ke Gibson, Danny ROBERT MORRIS 11/22/05 92-43 W 24-Thompson, Chr 6-Thompson, Chr 10-Wise, Marty 7-Wise, Marty 1-Thompson, Chr Christmas, Ke Van Winkle, G GLENVILLE STATE 11/25/05 107-69 W 25-Thompson, Chr 10-Christmas, Ke 7-Bryant, David 4-Gibson, Danny 4-Harrington, M Wise, Marty Bryant, David CENTRAL STATE 11/26/05 94-68 W 18-Thompson, Chr 12-Thompson, Chr 6-Gibson, Danny 2-Gibson, Danny 2-Thompson, Chr Wise, Marty Bryant, David at Missouri-Rolla 12/1/05 70-55 W 21-Hall, Melvin 8-Christmas, Ke 4-Gibson, Danny 4-Van Winkle, G None Wise, Marty at Missouri-St. Louis 12/03/05 83-87 L 19-Hall, Melvin 10-Thompson, Chr 5-Bryant, David 3-Van Winkle, G 1-Christmas, Ke Thompson, Chr Gibson, Danny WISCONSIN-PARKSIDE 12/8/05 83-61 W 18-Bryant, David 9-Thompson, Chr 4-Wise, Marty 3-Wise, Marty 1-Harrington, M Hall, Melvin Van Winkle, G Gibson, Danny Thompson, Chr Brooks, Nick LEWIS 12/10/05 60-49 W 15-Hall, Melvin 10-Hall, Melvin 9-Gibson, Danny 2-Gibson, Danny 1-Wise, Marty Christmas, Ke Van Winkle, G Brooks, Nick Thompson, Chr BRYAN 12/17/05 88-53 W 21-Thompson, Chr 14-Thompson, Chr 7-Gibson, Danny 3-Christmas, Ke 1-Harrington, M Gibson, Danny Christmas, Ke vs Ferris State 12/20/05 88-81 W 18-Thompson, Chr 8-Thompson, Chr 6-Gibson, Danny 4-Bryant, David 1-Brooks, Nick Christmas, Ke Gibson, Danny vs Wayne State 12/21/05 78-59 W 17-Thompson, Chr 3-Brooks, Nick 7-Gibson, Danny 3-Gibson, Danny 1-Kalicak, Mike Thompson, Chr Thompson, Chr Christmas, Ke Wise, Marty Gibson, Danny LEES-MCRAE 12/31/05 110-69 W 18-Hall, Melvin 9-Christmas, Ke 8-Gibson, Danny 3-Kalicak, Mike 1-Christmas, Ke Thompson, Chr OAKLAND CITY 1/2/06 114-56 W 32-Hall, Melvin 10-Christmas, Ke 5-Bryant, David 3-Bryant, David 2-McCulloh, Jay at Bellarmine University 1/5/06 95-76 W 24-Thompson, Chr 8-Thompson, Chr 8-Hall, Melvin 3-Van Winkle, G None at Northern Kentucky 1/7/06 75-56 W 15-Thompson, Chr 11-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 3-Wise, Marty 2-Thompson, Chr QUINCY 1/12/06 82-70 W 23-Gibson, Danny 9-Wise, Marty 6-Wise, Marty 3-Wise, Marty 2-Christmas, Ke Thompson, Chr Thompson, Chr SIU EDWARDSVILLE 1/14/06 77-78 OL 26-Thompson, Chr 12-Christmas, Ke 8-Wise, Marty 5-Gibson, Danny 2-Brooks, Nick at Drury University 1/19/06 69-65 W 26-Thompson, Chr 10-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 2-Gibson, Danny 1-Thompson, Chr Gibson, Danny at Rockhurst 01/21/06 87-64 W 27-Hall, Melvin 8-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 2-Thompson, Chr 1-Brooks, Nick Wise, Marty Wise, Marty Bryant, David Van Winkle, G INDIANAPOLIS 1/26/06 95-70 W 25-Thompson, Chr 15-Thompson, Chr 6-Gibson, Danny 2-Kalicak, Mike 2-Thompson, Chr SAINT JOSEPH'S 1/28/06 98-67 W 22-Gibson, Danny 12-Thompson, Chr 4-Hall, Melvin 3-Gibson, Danny 1-Kalicak, Mike Thompson, Chr at Kentucky Wesleyan 2/4/06 74-58 W 21-Thompson, Chr 10-Thompson, Chr 4-Wise, Marty 3-Gibson, Danny 1-Christmas, Ke Gibson, Danny
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA Southern Indiana Game-by-Game Highs (Apr 21, 2006) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DRURY UNIVERSITY 2/9/06 82-83 L 20-Hall, Melvin 14-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 2-Gibson, Danny 3-Christmas, Ke Thompson, Chr Hall, Melvin ROCKHURST 2/11/06 74-59 W 14-Kalicak, Mike 10-Thompson, Chr 7-Gibson, Danny 2-Gibson, Danny 1-Christmas, Ke Bryant, David at Quincy University 2/16/06 71-76 L 20-Van Winkle, G 8-Thompson, Chr 5-Wise, Marty 3-Hall, Melvin 2-Christmas, Ke at SIU Edwardsville 2/16/06 63-67 L 12-Christmas, Ke 9-Thompson, Chr 2-Wise, Marty 2-Thompson, Chr 2-Christmas, Ke Wise, Marty Thompson, Chr MISSOURI-ROLLA 2/23/06 97-60 W 16-Hall, Melvin 10-Wise, Marty 10-Gibson, Danny 5-Wise, Marty 1-Hall, Melvin Wise, Marty MISSOURI-ST. LOUIS 2/25/06 80-52 W 28-Thompson, Chr 15-Thompson, Chr 7-Gibson, Danny 2-Kalicak, Mike 2-Harrington, M Thompson, Chr vs Saint Joseph's 3/3/06 71-80 L 22-Thompson, Chr 15-Thompson, Chr 3-Kalicak, Mike 1-Van Winkle, G 1-Wise, Marty Wise, Marty Brooks, Nick Brooks, Nick Christmas, Ke Gibson, Danny vs Drury University 3/11/06 78-58 W 17-Hall, Melvin 7-Thompson, Chr 5-Gibson, Danny 5-Thompson, Chr None Bryant, David at St. Joseph's College 3/12/06 81-78 W 12-Thompson, Chr 9-Thompson, Chr 4-Gibson, Danny 1-Van Winkle, G 2-Christmas, Ke Hall, Melvin Thompson, Chr Wise, Marty vs Southern Illinois-Edwa 3/14/06 60-64 OL 19-Gibson, Danny 9-Thompson, Chr 4-Hall, Melvin 2-Gibson, Danny 2-Wise, Marty Thompson, Chr