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Purpose of the Award:

The Staff Council’s Support Staff Performance Recognition Award recognizes extraordinary professional contributions and quality service of our University support staff and their integral role in advancing the University of Southern Indiana’s mission and fulfilling USI’s promise in preparing students to live wisely.

Make your vote count between April 1, 2024 - May 1, 2024

The Support Staff Performance Recognition Award is open to all benefits-eligible support staff (full and part-time) who have been employed with the University for at least one full year (excluding current Staff Council members and employees who have won the award less than 3 years ago). The employee needs to demonstrate integrity and a good work ethic. Employees who have previously received the award are not eligible for three years. If the nominee leaves the University or leaves the support staff position before the award is given, then an alternate person will be chosen. If the award recipient leaves their support staff position or the University after the award is given, then the award trophy will be returned to the Staff Council.

Nominations may be made by any benefits-eligible member of the faculty, administration or support staff excluding the members of Staff Council. All nominating forms are kept confidential and ask that the nominators keep their information confidential. The nomination process is open April 1 until May 1. The nomination form is available on the university’s Staff Council website. Completed nomination forms are submitted to the current Chair of Staff Council. Once the award is presented, all nomination forms are shredded. In the case of multiple nominations for the same person, the nomination that best meets the criteria will be presented to the selection committee.

The members of Staff Council administer the award program and serve as the selection committee. Current members of the Staff Council are not eligible for the award. In order to enhance the fairness of the selection process, names of the nominees are removed from the nomination materials by the Staff Council Chair before the selection committee members read them. Examples and achievements are only considered if they are related to the nominee’s work in the department and/or university and contain specific supporting detail.

1) Provides superior service
2) Demonstrates excellence in the performance of job duties and responsibilities
3) Continually contributes to a positive, collaborative work environment
4) Exhibits exceptional resourcefulness, innovation or creativity

• Receive a letter of recognition and an award of $500. (NOTE: $500 is a gross, taxable award amount. Per IRS regulations, awards are subject to all applicable payroll taxes.)
• Presented with a “traveling trophy”

Did You Know?

The Support Staff Employee Recognition Award was created in 2007. During USI’s re-accreditation process, Staff Council representatives Chris Jines, Don Broshears, Terry Martin, Yvonne Floyd and Sheree Seib, met with the evaluator, Dr. Joaquin Villegas from the Higher Learning Commission on September 26, 2006. Dr. Villegas informed Staff Council representatives that the HLC had a recognition award for support staff and suggested that USI develop a similar award. Chris Jines suggested having a “traveling” trophy to recognize the winning support staff member.

Over the next several months, Chris Jines, Karen Anderson and Angela Torres met with the director of Human Resources, to create the criteria for the Support Staff Performance Recognition Award. President Hoops provided a $500 monetary award to be presented along with the trophy. The first award was presented at the University’s Support Staff Luncheon in fall 2007.