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What exactly is Student Worker Appreciation Week?

Student Worker Appreciation Week is February 12th- 16th, 2024 and is an opportunity for each department across campus to say "Thank You" to our hard working Student Workers for their efforts and support throughout the school year.

If this is your first time having a student worker in your area, or you are looking for fresh or new ideas, look no further. We can help! Check out the ideas below!

Certificate of Appreciation
Click image to download.

Thank you to our SUPER student workers!

a big Thank you to our student workers. We Couldn't do our job without you. Image of hands holding plant.

Thank to student worker image with megaphone

  • Have a carry-in for student workers and make “appreciation” certificates for each student worker
  • Take up a collection for the student workers, anyone wants to give, we leave the envelope by the mailboxes. Then we split the money between the student workers by putting on their eagle access cards or Starbuck gift card.
  • Make them up goodie bags filled with candy for each student.
  • Decorate the student workers desk, give them appreciation certificate, and get them a small gift
  • Have the staff bring in food (mostly home-made), small presents, ‘thank you’ cards
  • Have everyone in office bring in a variety items to fill a big laundry basket – snacks, candy, lotion, soap, paper products, etc.
  • Have a carry-in luncheon for all student workers.
  • Make a banner for the student workers and have a pizza party.
  • Please send pictures of how your department celebrates USI's dedicated student workers here. We will showcase your efforts on our webpage during Student Worker Appreciation Week!
  • Pictures can include: personalized decorations, heartfelt cards, student worker accomplishments (major/minor, current semester, interests, awards, and club involvement.) Don't forget about thoughtful gifts, and social media shoutouts.

If you have any questions please contact a Staff Council representative here