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Staff Council currently seeking Voting Members and at least five Non-Voting Members, who serve as alternates on the Staff Council. Non-voting members take the place of Representatives who are no longer able to fill their post due to employment changes or resignation. Non-Voting Members are encouraged to attend all Staff Council meetings and volunteer for all Staff Council sponsored events. Service as a non-voting member helps develop understanding of Staff Council and helps better qualify employees for service as a Voting Member of Staff Council.

Staff Council meets once a month for about an hour. We currently meet virtually but we plan to resume in-person meetings after the Pandemic subsides. Standing Committees also meet once a month for about one hour.

Benefits of Staff Council service include:

  • Resume builder
  • Build relationships with employees on campus. This is good for newer employees.
  • Learn about the university and how it works
  • Address issues of employment
  • Sense of pride

Please email David Huebner, and/or Michelle Herrmann, if you are interested in joining Staff Council. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Nominating Process and Election

  • The annual election of representatives is held during the month of May. 
  • Nominations for candidates may come from any eligible non-exempt staff and must be forwarded to the Nominating Committee. 
  • All eligible employees may vote for candidates nominated for open seats on the Council. 
  • The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be Council representatives. 
  • The newly elected representatives shall assume their duties July 1.
  • Election shall be by secret ballot. 
  • At least one candidate for each vacancy shall be submitted by the Nominating Committee. 
  • The results of the election shall be retained for two years.
  • Candidates not elected for a voting seat, will be considered alternate representatives ranked by the number of votes received.
  • If an elected member resigns, the open seat with its complete term will be offered to the highest ranked alternate.

Term of Office

  • The term of office for a representative shall be two fiscal years (July 1 through June 30).
  • A representative may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • Any alternate who steps into a relinquished representative’s role will serve out that representative’s remaining term. 
  • The alternate’s replacement term will be considered his/her first term.
  • The term of office for an alternate shall be one fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). 

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