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Strategic Planning Exercise for Units/Departments

1.) Please watch the video above to become more familiar with this process.

2.) Review the following materials with your unit/department.

3.) Answer the questions below.

(Download a PDF of this information)

Contribute to the Strategic Plan

In order to contribute to the University Strategic Plan, as well as form a basis for the creation of a Unit/Department Strategic Plan, please answer the following questions by Friday, May 6, 2016.

  1. Of the three goals, which one goal do you think your unit/department can make the greatest impact or to which one goal do you think your unit/department is most closely linked?

  2. Describe achievable and measurable way(s) in which your unit/department can impact the one goal selected from above between now and 2020. The three threads (Inclusion, Interdisciplinarity, Intentionality) emerged throughout the planning process as common elements that weave through the goals individually and collectively. How do these threads weave through the strategies your unit/department is focusing on for the goal selected?

  3. Describe the metric that can be used to measure the impact of your unit/department on the goal selected above, and how it relates to students, faculty and/or staff, between now and 2020. How would you measure where your unit/department is now, related to the selected goal, and what is your unit's/department's goal for 2020? Please be as concrete as possible and provide the baseline measure if you already know what it is.


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