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2018 TCA Programming

Established in 2012 toward advancing USI’s mission, the Technology Commercialization Academy has continuously iterated the program toward maximizing its impact on our students and their ability to impact Southwest Indiana.

In addition to USI startups and regional businesses, this year’s partners will include the BIC and NSWC Crane toward exploring the transfer of military developed technologies to businesses, especially in southwest Indiana. See USI-Crane Partnership.

Companies seeking support to assess/launch new ventures, e.g. products or new markets, or individuals who are Subject Matter Experts interested in engaging technology commercialization, contact Josh McWilliams at

The TCA recruits USI talent from all majors. 16 students will be selected to work for the TCA for 12 weeks. 

Note: Due to the relationship with NSWC Crane, participants are required to be US Citizens.


To develop innovative leaders skilled at discovering opportunities and putting new ideas into action, while creating opportunities for USI graduates in Indiana.

We do this through an experiential program that combines paid training and practical application of lean/agile innovation methods and tools in support of new venture development for regional clients and university startups. We emphasize building critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.

At the core of the program is rapid assessment of new business venture feasibility via FITest and discovery, design, and testing of new ideas via “sprints,” based in Design Thinking, that iterate in five phases: Discover – Define – Ideate – Pretotype – Test. While this largely follows the 10-step engineering design process, these methods can be applied to, e.g., hardware, software, branding, services, architecture, marketing, profit models, and launching new initiatives.

The TCA Experience

Guiding Principles

“build the right it before you build it right” –

 Success in the TCA requires participants to demonstrate:

Initiative – the ability to assess information, plan and initiate action independently

Evidence-based Decision Making – rational, objective, empirical

Multidisciplinary Collaboration – diverse teams, fearless contribution

Professional Accountability – lead by example, protect the team

2018 TCA Schedule

TCA 2018 is twelve weeks beginning May 14 through August 10.

Work day is typically 9am-3:30pm, Monday through Thursday (24 hrs/week inclusive of a 30 minute lunch each day), paid at $15 per hour.

The holidays of Memorial Day (May 30) and Independence Day (July 4) will be observed.

Work Phases:

Skill development/acquisition

Entrepreneur Mindset and Tools

Practical Application and Client Work 

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