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Screagles TLC

Guess what? 

You will ALWAYS have a home in the Screagles TLC! 

Screagles is a place for students who want to live in an inclusive, energetic community without one specific theme. Screagles is for ALL students who care about making friends, getting involved, and being SCREAGLES! :) 

Mentor Coming Soon

Mentor coming soon.

TLC Classes: 

Students in the TLC will take your UNIV 101 First Year Experience class together. This is a Core 39 required class. 

TLC Signature Experiences:

The Screagles TLC can do just about anything! You'll have a wide variety of students and interests, so we want to create memorable experiences that will appeal to each of you. Faculty from around campus will host events suited to specific hobbies like outdoor adventures, gaming, and the arts. You'll have chances to volunteer and shape USI's community, to explore careers and majors, AND...just to have fun! This TLC can be whatever you want it to be--and USI will make sure you get the most out of your experience.