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Supplemental Instruction

Student leading SI session

Supplemental Instruction (SI) teaches students to effectively study in groups.

Students taking classes designated as SI will be able to attend voluntary study sessions each week led by an experienced student who has previously done well in the course. During these study sessions, the leader and students will review class notes, discuss class material, and work on the study skills needed to handle the particular subject matter.

Through SI, students can more fully understand course material and, consequently, achieve better grades. In addition, they learn how to form effective study groups and gain skills that will help them excel in a wide variety of courses across the campus.

After being recruited or recommended by the professor of the class, the student SI leader is then hired to attend all class meetings, read the assigned material again, and lead the study sessions.

All SI leaders complete an extensive training program led by the Academic Skills staff and are supervised by Supplemental Instruction Specialist Pat Flake (

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