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English Placement

Mandatory placement for all entry-level English courses is required by the Department of English. The appropriate level course for a student is determined by the SAT or ACT English score and high school GPA. If a test a score is not available, only the GPA is used. If neither is available, the English essay test will be required.



ACT English score SAT EBRW* score No Test Scores
ENG 101 17 and higher and HS GPA > 3.0 460 and higher and HS GPA > 3.0 HS GPA > 3.0
ENG 100 16 and lower and HS GPA < 2.99 Less than 460 and HS GPA < 2.99 HS GPA < 2.99
Essay test required Test scores and GPA indicate conflicting placement Test scores and GPA indicate conflicting placement No GPA available

*SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Students with no ACT/SAT scores, who need to take the placement test, should refer to the section “General Placement Testing Information” for information about taking the placement test.

English Placement Test

Students who do not have SAT/ACT scores will need to take an English essay test.

The English essay test is given using ACCUPLACER’s Writeplacer test.  

Essay test

  • Students will give a written response to a writing prompt.
  • The essay will be timed for 50 minutes.
  • The essay will be completed on the computer.
  • The essay will be read and scored by members of the English department.
  • No essay test will be given if an English placement has already been made.
  • No retests will be given for English.

Questions regarding English placement can be directed to the composition director, by email or by phone at 812/465-1247.

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