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General Placement Testing Information

COVID-19 Update: Placement testing is currently being conducted online only. Please contact Suzie Schroeder ( for more information.

  • For those students who required testing to determine placements, tests are available in English, math, reading, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Tests need to be completed at least two weeks before the orientation session. The foreign language can be completed on orientation day because it is a short test.
  •  A student ID number and photo ID are required to test.
  • Walk-in testing is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Central Time), unless the university is closed.
  • Some Saturday testing dates are available.
  • We are no longer able to accommodate allowing high school counselors, librarians and others to administer the tests.
  • Students unable to come to campus may take their tests using the following options. These options require a voucher.  Contact to get the voucher.
    • Virtual Remote Proctor – This option allows the student to test at home using their own computer. It requires a high-speed internet connection and a webcam.  This option costs the student $25.
    • Remote Testing Site – This option allows the student to go to a remote testing site in their hometown to take the test. In Indiana this is usually Ivy Tech, and they charge a $45 sitting fee.  If you are coming from another state, contact the Academic Skills Office for possible locations in your area. 
  • Allow 1 hour each for the English and math tests and 30 minutes each for the reading or foreign language. However, the English test is the only timed test (50 minutes).
  • Students with disabilities who are requesting special accommodations:
    • Must provide Academic Skills with a letter from Disability Resources stating their approved accommodations.
    • Must schedule an appointment with Academic Skills by calling 812/464-1743 at least two weeks prior to placement testing.
  • Students who think they can improve their placement in Math and/or Reading can take the placement test to see if they can place higher. It would be a good idea for these students to study first before taking the placement test to maximize their chance to improve their placement. 
  • One retest will be allowed on the Math and/or Reading if the student still thinks they can do better. Students will be allowed one retest per subject and must wait a minimum of one week before the retest occurs.  It is strongly recommended that students spend some time studying before taking the test again.

Contact Academic Skills at 812/464-1743 for more information.

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