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What We Do

Our Mission Statement

TRIO Student Support Services at USI fosters an environment that advocates, serves, and mentors first-generation, low income, and disabled SSS participants.  The goal of our student-centered program is to prepare and empower our participants through identified student learning and development objectives to be self-aware and globally responsible upon the completion of their bachelor’s degree.

From enrollment to graduation, the Student Support Services staff members are dedicated to offering individualized assistance that will enhance the academic, personal, and professional potential of all the program participants.

How We Help

Academic advising and monitoring:  We'll develop an individualized academic plan together to ensure you graduate successfully on time!

Peer mentoring: All incoming freshman will be paired with a mentor during their first semester, as they transition (academically and socially) to the life of a college student.

Academic coaching:  We'll help you with course selection, registration, major and career exploration, and graduate school planning!

Cultural enrichment activities:  We team up with the Multi-Cultural Center and the Center for International Programs to provide you with a wide range of new and exciting activities!

Financial counseling:  We'll help you with FAFSA workshops, economic literacy programs, grant-aid and scholarships, and financial planning for college and beyond!

Learning and career assessments:  When you become an SSS participant we will talk about your learning styles and career goals to make sure we find the perfect major match for you!

Personal and career guidance:  Personal problems weighing on you? Not sure 'what you want to be when you grow up'? We can help!

Student leadership opportunities:  Become a Peer Mentor, get involved on campus through student leadership positions. 

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