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Informational Interviews

Conducting “Informational Interviews” is an invaluable tool often used in career exploration.  An informational interview is simply a carefully constructed conversation with someone who can share information and insight with you. Consider scheduling an informational interview with faculty in the departments and/or Colleges you are considering for a major.

Other potential interview candidates may include staff and administrators around USI and professionals who work in an industry in which you are interested.  

The Career Services and Internships Office has additional resources regarding career-related informational interviews.

Some questions you may consider asking:

"Can you describe your interest in your field"?

"What do you like most about this field and what do you like the least"?

"What types of courses did you find most interesting"?

"How would you describe this major to someone who had never heard of it"?

"What are some of the current topics in this industry"?

"What sort of research is currently being conducted"?

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