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Localist Tutorial

Localist is an interactive online calendar that pulls together all of our university events into one convenient place.

Users can login with the USI Login, Facebook, or Google to create a basic account. This allows them to indicate "I'm Going" for events, receive reminder notifications, submit events, and share events on social media.

Adding Events

Before adding your event to the calendar, first check to see if it's already on there. Also make sure your event is reserved with USI Scheduling Services and you have a confirmation number for your reservation.

To add your event, go to calendar.usi.edu and click on the red "Submit an Event" button in the upper right part of the screen.

Submit an event Button

Filling out the Form

The event submission form will ask you a series of questions about your event.

  • Event Name* – This appears as the event heading.

  • Description* – Be as detailed as possible for your audience, especially if you have special instructions for attendees like where to park or who to contact if special accommodations are needed. This box has editing tools to make things bold, italics, links, and adding more photos (need to be uploaded to the web first).

Event Name Image


  • Start Date* - Enter the date.

  • Start Time – Enter the time.

  • End Time – Enter the time.

  • Repeating – Is this a recurring event with the routine meeting occurrence with the same event name? You can set frequency here.

Is this a repeating event, but you have different start/end times on different days? For example, the art gallery with the latest exhibit is only open certain days of the week, and on those days the hours vary depending on the day.

You can add each day and time as a separate item by using the "Add Above to Schedule" button.

Schedule screen shot


  • Event Place – We have preloaded many of the campus event venues. You may begin typing, and the event will preload. Just select it. For example, "University Center".

  • Room – The room location. For example, "Carter Hall", "Forum I", or "LA 2022".

  • Address – If you choose a preloaded location, the address will populate for you. They are geo-location coded for each specific building on campus.

location screen shot

Additional Details

  • Twitter Hashtag – Are you promoting a special hashtag for the event? You only need to add the word, and not the # hashtag. For example, "ScreaglePride".

  • Event Website – Do you have more information about this event on your website? If so, link back. For example, http://www.usi.edu/commencement.

  • Facebook Event Page – Some organizations create Facebook Events for their event promotion. If you do this, add the link here.

  • Have you reserved your event venue with USI Scheduling Services?* - Yes or No. If no, you need to stop on the form and contact Scheduling Services.

  • USI Scheduling Services Confirmation Number* – This is the confirmation number you were given by Scheduling Services.

  • Event Contact Name* – Who should be contacted of an attendee has a question?

  • Event Contact Email* – Email address of the person event contact name.

additional details screenshot


  • Event Photo – Very important. Choose something that is not hard to see/read when made smaller. Avoid using a flyer or postcard with lots of text. Localist creates a circle thumbnail of the image. You have ability to enlarge, adjust the center and crop of the image. We do have several photos pre-loaded in our Localist photo gallery if you want to use one of those.

Photos screenshot


  • FiltersEvent Type – Choose the broad category this event would fall in. You can choose more than one.

  • Target Audience – Choose the audience this event is for. You can choose more than one.

  • Topic – This goes along with Event Type. Choose the topic that best fits this event. You can choose more than one.

  • Athletic – Does not apply

  • Department / Group – Choose the College, Department, Group hosting this event. We try to have departments have broad coverage, and groups for specific things that host many events.


  • Ticket Cost – Type in the amount(s). If the event is free, you may type Free.

  • Ticket Link – This is the link to the RSVP, reservation form, payment form, or registration form.

Click Add Event - When you're finished.

Your event will go to a pending queue for review. If rejected, you will receive an email address with an explanation of why the event was rejected.

To ensure your event achieves maximum publicity, we strongly recommend submitting at least two weeks prior to the event.


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