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Women of Color in the Academy

The Women of Color in the Academy (WOCA) is a campus-wide network at USI, committed to highlighting the work of women of color scholars and staff, promoting their development and advocating for institutional change on their behalf.

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Mission Statement

WOCA is a supportive and inclusive community of women of color faculty, graduate students, and staff at the University of Southern Indiana that promotes the careers and well being of women of color.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to achieve a university where all women of color at the university experience success, leadership, visibility, and representation at all levels of governance.

The objectives of University of Southern Indiana Women of Color in the Academy are:

  • To create a community focused on issues and/or solutions that affect and are affected by women of color in the on the college campus;
  • To spotlight overshadowed disparities on campuses in the United States;
  • To provide a support group for Women of Color in the Academy. To provide opportunities for members to support, learn from, and appreciate women of color;
  • To foster USI collaborations within and among other colleges;
  • To disseminate information about events, symposia, lectures, and conferences about issues concerning women of color;
  • To provide periodic community service opportunities at USI and the Tri-State area.

Invitation to Join Us

WOCA Members

The campus-wide WOCA faculty steering committee would like to extend an invitation to all instructional track faculty, graduate students, and staff who identify as women of color, and would like to work together to call attention to structural barriers and promote solutions to enhance the success of women in color in academia.

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