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Ms. Xavia Harrington-Chate, Instructor in English, will be speaking at the Black and Brown Summit. For details check:

Ms. Harrington-Chate has successfully completed all doctoral coursework and examinations related to pursuing said Ph.D.; thus, she has now been given the title of Ph.D. candidate (ABD). Upon successful completion and defense of her doctoral dissertation in the near future, Harrington will graduate with full rights and privileges of the Ph.D. in which she is currently pursuing.

Dr. Phonesia Wells, Assistant Professor of Health Services, received the 2017 USI Summer Research Award for Junior Faculty for her project, "Empowering Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Recipients."

Dr. Stephanie Young & Dr. Sukanya Gupta have recently been awarded tenure and are now promoted to associate professors.

Dr. Veronica Huggins recently presented with Dr. Wendy Turner at the Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations Urban Diversity and Economic Growth 26-28 July 2017 @University of Toronto-Chestnut Conference Centreoronto, Canada. Their presentation was titled "Standing in the Gap: Benefits of Cross-racial and Interracial Mentoring."

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