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 Xavia D. Harrington-Chate, Instructor in English, College of Liberal Arts, has won the Lee Cooper Core Curriculum Teaching Award.

Xavia D. Harrington-Chate is the 2018 recipient of the H. Lee Cooper Core Curriculum Teaching Award, which was established in 2000 and honors a USI faculty member whose work in University Core courses (UCC) has been especially creative and successful in furthering UCC goals. As a recipient, Harrington-Chate will receive a $10,000 stipend underwritten by longtime and generous University friends, Ann and H. Lee Cooper III. She also will deliver the address at one of USI’s Fall Commencement ceremonies. 

Harrington-Chate began her career at USI in 2013 as an instructor in English. She was interested in better preparing students, who struggled with English foundations, for the academic regor of collegiate writing. Prior to her arrival at USI, she was a composition and rhetoric graduate research and teaching assistant and later instructor of record at Auburn University, and years later an instructor of English at Kentucky State University.

She culminated her Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College experience at Claflin University with a bachelor’s degree in English education in 2010. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in composition and rhetoric with a minor concentration in technical and professional communications from Auburn University in 2012. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at Bellarmine University, writing her dissertation toward the requirements for the Leadership in Higher Education doctoral degree with a focus on multicultural issues of diversity, equity and inclusion within higher education.

Harrington-Chate is recognized as a professor who treats each student with equal respect and sees them as capable of greatness. She attends to students’ needs and meets one-on-one with them to strengthen their writing skills; she maintains student-centered class environments utilizing real-world examples.

Students appreciate the time Harrington-Chate takes to teach them the conventions associated with English grammar, punctuation, mechanics and syntax, and how that foundational knowledge applies to other areas of their lives as well as writing more advanced essays, cover letters, emails to future employers and clients, and other post-graduate writing.

She also is known for her innovative teaching methods and interesting assignment topics that grab the attention of her students and other core curriculum professors and connecting students to local, national and global communities and issues.

Dr. Veronica Huggins and Dr. Phoneshia Wells received acceptance to present at the  2019 Aging in America Conference "Self-Efficacy: Greedy for Life" the presentation will detail clips of a documentary entitled Greedy for Life  and discuss how self efficacy is central in successful aging. 

Dr. Phoneshia Wells submitted a media review for publication on the documentary entitled Greedy for Life, and it was also accepted for publication in the Women & Language Journal titled “Shirley and Lavada: Refuting the Myths of Aging in Greedy for Life."

Dr. Stephanie Young published the following:

Young, Stephanie. L., & Pham, Vincent (2018). “The problematics of postracial colorblindness: Exploring Cristina Yang’s Asianness in Grey’s Anatomy.” In R. A. Griffin and M. D. E. Meyer (Eds.), Adventures in Shondaland: Identity politics and the power of representation. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. ISBN: 978-0813596310

Young, S. L., & McCrady, Nikki. (2018). “We are definitely not The Brady Brunch”: An analysis of queer parenting in the teen family drama The Fosters. In E. L. Newman and E. Witsell (Eds.), ABC Family to Freeform tv: Essays on the millennial-focused network and its programs (pp. 117-138). Jefferson, NC: McFarland. ISBN: 978-1476667355 

Starting Fall 2018, Dr. Young is also the Director of Basic Course. 


Dr. Phoneshia Wells was selected as a reviewer for The Journal of Education and Development (JED), which is a professional journal devoted to addressing current issues and future developments in education. The aim of the journal is to strive to strengthen connections between research and practice within the field of education and human development.

Dr. Wells presented along with three MHA students at the Aging in America Conference in San Francisco, CA March 26-30, 2018. The symposium was titled, "Falls: Not Only a Nursing Home Concern".

Dr. Wells presented at poster at the WIC 2018: Annual Education and Training Conference & Exhibits Evaluation conference in Chicago,IL April 22-25, 2018. The poster included the research results from her 2017 Junior Faculty Summer Research “Empowering Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Recipients” project.


Ms. Xavia Harrington-Chate, Instructor in English, will be speaking at the Black and Brown Summit. For details check:

Ms. Harrington-Chate has successfully completed all doctoral coursework and examinations related to pursuing said Ph.D.; thus, she has now been given the title of Ph.D. candidate (ABD). Upon successful completion and defense of her doctoral dissertation in the near future, Harrington will graduate with full rights and privileges of the Ph.D. in which she is currently pursuing.

Dr. Phonesia Wells, Assistant Professor of Health Services, received the 2017 USI Summer Research Award for Junior Faculty for her project, "Empowering Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Recipients."

Dr. Stephanie Young & Dr. Sukanya Gupta have recently been awarded tenure and are now promoted to associate professors.

Dr. Veronica Huggins recently presented with Dr. Wendy Turner at the Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations Urban Diversity and Economic Growth 26-28 July 2017 @University of Toronto-Chestnut Conference Centreoronto, Canada. Their presentation was titled "Standing in the Gap: Benefits of Cross-racial and Interracial Mentoring."

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