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Welcome to the MBA at USI!
USI's MBA is designed to develop strategic, behavioral, and technical competencies that enable individuals to be superior performers in their business environment. The program also focuses on providing educational experiences that prepare students to effectively engage in issues at the intersection of business and society such as ethical business practices, globalization, and technological change.

Two Course Delivery Options Available
Given the great value attached to the MBA degree, hard work is to be expected. Because acquiring an MBA degree requires major devotion of time and effort, USI offers the MBA program in two formats to help students manage this commitment. The MBA online only features accelerated online classes set on a 7-week semester cycle. The in-class and online program is a mix of both in-class traditional courses and online accelerated courses. USI's MBA program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the working professional. 

Please choose a course delivery method to learn more about the program.

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MBA Program Graduates
Upon completion of the MBA program graduates will have developed their capabilities in the following areas:

  • An in-depth understanding of the functional fields of business and their interrelationships in complex organizations.

  • Experience with applied quantitative and behavioral tools of business analysis and decision-making.

  • The ability to think critically and creatively within a global business context.

  • A heightened sense of ethical considerations in decision-making within the business world.

  • Improved communication and decision-making skills through utilization of information technology.

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