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Welcome to the MBA at USI!
USI's MBA is designed to develop strategic, behavioral, and technical competencies that enable individuals to be superior performers in their business environment. The program also focuses on providing educational experiences that prepare students to effectively engage in issues at the intersection of business and society such as ethical business practices, globalization, and technological change.

Two Course Delivery Options Available
Given the great value attached to the MBA degree, hard work is to be expected. Because acquiring an MBA degree requires major devotion of time and effort, USI offers the MBA program in two formats to help students manage this commitment. The MBA online only features accelerated online classes set on a 7-week semester cycle. The in-class and online program is a mix of both in-class traditional courses and online accelerated courses. USI's MBA program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the working professional. 

Please choose a course delivery method to learn more about the program.

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Concentration Areas 

The USI MBA concentrations are designed to expand knowledge in each respective area. As they contain graduate level coursework, we advise students to only select concentrations in which they have foundational knowledge.

General MBA

The USI MBA General concentration develops skills in data-driven decision making and is designed to allow students to customize the program to their area of interest. Specifically, one course in data-driven decision making is required and students can choose two non-core courses from other USI MBA concentrations to fulfill the general concentration requirements.

BAN 602 - Data Driven Decision Making

Concentration Course of your choice

Concentration Course of your choice


The USI MBA Accounting concentration prepares you for leadership in the high-demand area of accounting. Gain the business acumen and accounting skills you need for analyzing financial statements, auditing, and complying with accounting regulations.

ACCT 602 - Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 605 - Seminar in Auditing

ACCT/BLAW 628 - Accounting Regulation and Compliance

Data Analytics

The USI MBA Data Analytics concentration develops vital quantitative problem solving skills for business operations. Open doors to rewarding career opportunities with in-demand skills collecting, processing, and displaying actionable data to drive informed decisions in innovative ways.

BAN 601 - Applied Business Analytics

BAN 602 - Data-Driven Decision Making

BAN 603 / CIS 603 - Information Visualization and Dashboarding

Engineering Management

The USI MBA Engineering Management concentration prepares you for leadership roles in technology, manufacturing, construction, research and development or industrial management. Gain marketable skills in supply chain management, logistics, project management, and quality control processes.

IM 611 - Principles and Practices of Project Management

IM 641 - Principles and Practices of Quality Management

IM 661 - Principles and Practices of Supply Chain Management

Health Administration

The USI MBA Health Administration concentration develops business-related competencies necessary for effective operation of healthcare organizations. Specifically, this concentration teaches analytical skills used across all levels of health care units to manage risk, make data-driven decisions, and set organizational strategy.

BAN 602 - Data-Driven Decision Making

MBA 604 - Lean Six Sigma

MBA 602 - Risk Management

Human Resource Management

The USI MBA Human Resource Management concentration develops the expert knowledge and organizational strategies needed to manage the most valuable asset in any business—its people. Specifically, this concentration develops skills relevant to human resource managers such as making data-driven decisions, complying with legal regulations, and managing human capital effectively.

BAN 602 - Data-Driven Decision Making

BLAW 618 - Legal and Social Environment of Business

MNGT 601 - Managing Human Capital

The concentrations as shown above are for students whose program begins Fall 2017. All others should view their required courses via DegreeWorks. There is a tutorial on the Orientation page on how to use DegreeWorks.

MBA Program Graduates
Upon completion of the MBA program graduates will have developed their capabilities in the following areas:

  • An in-depth understanding of the functional fields of business and their interrelationships in complex organizations.

  • Experience with applied quantitative and behavioral tools of business analysis and decision-making.

  • The ability to think critically and creatively within a global business context.

  • A heightened sense of ethical considerations in decision-making within the business world.

  • Improved communication and decision-making skills through utilization of information technology.

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