University of Southern Indiana

Norwegian Foot March

NRM Announcement 2016 V1

NRM Announcement 2016 V1  (1)

This event is hosted by the Wabash Battalion Army ROTC program of the University of Southern Indiana. 

NOTICE:  Since the update was published on AR 600-8-22 (Military Awards) dtd 25June15, a Request For Information (RFI) was submitted to HRC as to why the NFM badge was omitted from Appendix D, the response recieved from HRC is as follows, "The NFM badge is not approved for acceptance and wear; however, requests for determination may be submitted in accordance with paragraph 9-26b and 9-27b.  Soldier who were previously approved to accept and wear the NFM Badge, may continue to wear the badge on their uniforms."


 TOP MALE - Elijah Durian, Xavier University - 2:30 / 2011

 TOP FEMALE - CDT EMILY NORDT, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology- 3:19 / 2013

 TOP TOP TEAM - USMAPS, 3:28 / 2013 (Kauffman, Lawson, Olivo, and Wagner)

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