Historic New Harmony

Welcome to Historic New Harmony

By preserving its utopian legacy,
Historic New Harmony
inspires innovation and
progressive thought
through its programs
& collections.

Take our Tour

The following exhibits may be viewed during Historic New Harmony's walking tours, offered March 15 through December 30 at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM daily. All walking tours begin at the Atheneum/Visitors Center.

Golden Troupe Exhibit – Located in Thrall's Opera House the Golden Troupe's home theatre. The exhibit highlights some of the costumes, accessories and props used by the traveling theatre company. To learn more, watch this video.

Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibit - Located in the Lichtenberger Building. A unique collection of original aquatints and etchings documenting an important expedition to the Western United States. This expedition has connections to the New Harmony scientific community, due to its long stay in town.

Also visit the changing exhibits at the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art - Established in 1975, the gallery is a not-for-profit exhibition space, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art and artists of the Midwest.

Historic New Harmony – Post Office Box 579 – New Harmony, Indiana 47631 – 800.231.2168 – harmony@usi.edu
Historic New Harmony is a unified program of the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

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