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political science major interning with legislators

Political Science and Public Administration

Political science is the study of government, politics and public issues and the institutions and processes through which conflict over such issues are resolved.

The political science major at the University of Southern Indiana is grounded in the field's theoretical traditions and provides a strong background in the fundamental branches of the discipline: American politics, comparative politics, international politics, public policy, public administration and political theory.

Political science students develop analytical and methodological skills that permit them to critically assess contemporary political events and identify practical solutions to problems that arise in society and government. The major offers a solid foundation for a liberal arts education, regardless of a student's career objectives, and is particularly well-suited to those interested in government, law, teaching, business and journalism.

A major in political science offers a solid foundation for a liberal arts education regardless of career objectives. Those interested in careers in law, teaching, government, private corporations, nonprofit organizations and journalism will find political science an excellent preparation for such vocations. Recent political science graduates of USI have found career opportunities in law firms, domestic and international corporations, social science teaching, charitable organizations, newspapers and television news and local, state and federal government.

Some jobs held by political science majors include:

  • Attorney
  • Lobbyist
  • Social science teacher
  • Political consultant
  • Legislative assistant
  • Journalist

As undergraduates, political science majors have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field by working for political campaigns and serving as interns for a state legislature, local or state courts or various law-related organizations.

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