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Bachelor of Social Work

Students interested in careers in social work may choose a major or a minor in the discipline. The major culminates in the Bachelor of Social Work degree.

Curriculum content is carefully constructed to expose students to the following core knowledge areas:

  • Social welfare issues and policies
  • Human behavior in the social environment
  • Social systems theory
  • Knowledge and skills in conducting social work research
  • Problem-solving theory and methodology
  • Generalist intervention model
  • Knowledge of client populations
  • Knowledge of social service programs and agencies
  • Human diversity
  • Oppression and discrimination
  • At-risk populations
  • Promotion of social and economic justice
  • Professional social work values and ethics
  • Practice/intervention skills and integrative field experience

USI also offers a Master of Social Work degree.

Starting in the fall semester of 2014, degree requirements may have significantly changed due to the launch of the University Core 39. Students entering the University of Southern Indiana before the fall semester of 2014 may be required to complete the old University Core Curriculum. See previous versions of the USI Academic Bulletin for degree requirements for previous bulletin years.

Students preparing to apply for the social work program must complete specific core courses. View a list of these requirements.

View current class schedules.

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Social Work
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School Social Work Specialization

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