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Interdisciplinary Colloquium

It's back! October 7th, 2016!

The College of Liberal Arts' annual Interdisciplinary Colloquium showcases USI faculty research across a wide range of academic disciplines centered around a single topic. The colloquium is a day-long, multi-session event accompanied by a reception.

The eleventh Interdisciplinary Colloquium will be presented in the fall of 2016. 

The University of Southern Indiana's annual Interdisciplinary Colloquium is presented by the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies with the support of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Society for Arts and Humanities.


"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."  The inter-referential trajectory of the William Blake quote moves doors freely through historical experience, linking a late 18th-century poetic imitation of the Bible to the modern musings of mid-20th-century psychedelic memoir to the popular realm of rock music.  Doors are emblematic of barriers and opportunities, of social oppression and forward movement, of bright beginnings and obscure conclusions.  Open doors can be promising in offering access to spaces known and unknown, while closed doors may produce feelings of frustration, security, excitement, bitterness, conclusion, and even peace.  Sometimes doors are simply benign.  As the poet Marge Piercy observed, “Maybe there is more of the magical/in the idea of a door than in the door/ itself.”

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The re-launch of our interdisciplinary colloquium invites a broad appraisal of the multifaceted dimensions of the door metaphor through a full airing out of perceptions which we suspect Blake and Piercy alike might endorse and perhaps even applaud.

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Dr. Bartell Berg, Assistant Professor of German, “A Community at the Precipice: Thresholds to Forgiveness and Emancipation in Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s Das Gemeindekind”

Dr. C. Elizabeth Bonham, Associate Professor of Nursing, “The Clang of the Steel Door”

Dr. Trent Engbers, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, “Opening Doors Through Social Capital”

Dr. Chad Gonnerman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, “On Not Opening Some Doors in Philosophy”

Dr Sukanya Gupta, Assistant Professor of English, “Imperial Doors: Crossing the ‘Kalapani’ as a Coolie Woman”

Dr. Mark Krahling, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean of the Pott College, “Precisely What Life Needs: A Revolving Door for Packaging Energy”

Dr. Erin Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Health Services/Administration, “Social Networks as Doors to Health Care”

Dr. Daria Sevastianova, Associate Professor of Economics, “The Revolving Door: International Migration and the Rise of Populism”

Dr. Melissa Stacer, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, “New Opportunities or Closing Doors? How Correctional Facility Tours Impact Students’ Thoughts about Careers”

Dr. Steven Williams, Associate Professor of Sociology, “Doors of Perception Opened and Closed: LSD, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, and the Era of Psychedelic Music”

The Doors Colloquium introduces a new feature to our annual event, a roundtable discussion featuring faculty from various disciplines—Dr. Molly Brost (English), Dr. Betty Hart (English), Dr. Mari K. Hopper (Cellular and Integrative Physiology), and Dr. Rick Hudson (Mathematics)—and moderated by Dr. James Beeby, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of History.  The roundtable, “Doors into Disciplines,” will take place at noon in UC 226-227, with refreshments served.

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