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New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art


New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

The Collected Past

Hollie Chastain

June 7th – July 19th, 2014

Reception July 19th, 2014 from 4-6 p.m.


A reception for Hollie Chastain will be held at the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art from 4-6 p.m. Saturday, July 19th. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

The New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art invites you to join us from June 7th to July 19th of 2014 for an exhibition The Collected Past. A closing reception will be held on July 19th. The exhibition will feature collage work comprised of 97% found and antique materials.  Drawing on the “signs of a past life” in the form of markings, writing, etc…, Chastain finds inspiration in both folklore and vintage photographs in creating her works on panel and book covers.

“I have found a constant well of inspiration from vintage photos, beaten and work books, found letters and other paper ephemera. These things are what led me to collage as a medium to begin with so it's difficult to imagine making work without them. Quirky collected snapshots and portraits are recreated into new work from battered dusty beginnings. I let the school-book scribbles play a role in the composition bringing a new life to what was once forgotten scraps of history, a bored doodle on a Math textbook cover, a little peek into a moment of a now anonymous child in the 50s. A little bit of every collage I make has a past that is older than me and I feel honored to be able to give it a new beginning.”


Hollie Chastain is an artist living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After working with various media at an early age, she fell in love with collage. The subject of the piece is often influenced by the materials, as opposed to building around a sketch or idea. She is self-taught, and has made an amazing career for herself. She has had exhibitions at galleries all over the world; her work has been published in several magazines (including Lilith and Fine Line); and boutiques—from Tennessee to New York, and all the way to Spain—carry her work. She has also been featured in on the Jealous Curator’s website and books. For more information go to


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