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Calendar ButtonThe University of Southern Indiana web calendar is powered by EMS Master Calendar. This software is capable of interfacing with EMS scheduling software used by USI Scheduling Services. All events planned through Scheduling Services will be automatically pulled into the web calendar, updating every 15 minutes.

The web calendar is composed of 17 calendar areas, each with one or more calendar managers. Calendar managers approve events submitted manually by individuals and automatically by the EMS software to appear on the web calendar. Calendar managers also add supplemental details to events before approval, such as event descriptions, images, cost of attendance and links to webpages.

A list of calendar managers is available online. As with the previous web calendar, submitted events are not guaranteed to appear on the calendar. The calendar managers determine what events are appropriate for the calendar.

How should I put my event on the web calendar?
Use this decision map to help you determine how to put your event on the USI web calendar. A printer-friendly PDF of the calendar decision map also is available.

Calendar Decision Map

Video Tutorials

Using the Calendar Homepage

Submitting an Event

Saving and Sharing Events

Editing and Approving Events - For Calendar Managers Only

Additional Resources

Master Calendar Training Manual

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