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The College of Nursing and Health Professions offers 14 educational programs in Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Food and Nutrition, Health Informatics and Information Management, Health Services, Health Administration, Nursing (Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Masters of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice), Occupational Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Radiologic and Imaging Sciences and Respiratory Therapy.

Graduates of all of our programs successfully pass the national or state licensure examination for each discipline and are employed by health care organizations throughout the country.

The College has a global influence in health, health care, and health care education with over 1100 students from 31 states enrolled in online undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs; over 650 students enrolled in on-campus undergraduate programs; over 1200 health care professionals representing all US states, all provinces of Canada and 58 additional countries completing online certificate programs; and over 2000 health care professionals completing continuing education programs held on the USI campus.

To prepare our graduates for the challenges of the rapidly changing health care delivery system, our educational goals focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving. Additional goals include the use of evidence-based practice protocols, effective communication, cultural sensitivity, systems leadership for quality care and health policy.

Faculty expertise in each discipline guides students by providing a supportive learning environment that is challenging and creative. Cutting-edge technology for all of the programs provides students with a learning environment that simulates the experiences the student will encounter in the practice setting. 


Ann White
Dr. Ann White
Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions
Professor of Nursing
Contact: 812-465-1151
Health Professions Center 2078
Julie McCullough
Dr. Julie McCullough
Associate Professor of Nutrition
Chair of Food and Nutrition Program
Assistant Dean of Health Services
Contact: 812-461-5213
Health Professions Center 2088
Mary Arvin
Dr. Mary Arvin
Clinical Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Assistant
Chair of Occupational Therapy Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1103
Health Professions Center 2087
Jeri Burger
Dr. Jeri Burger
Associate Professor of Nursing
Chair of RN Completion Program
Contact: 812-461-5340
Health Professions Center 2052
M. Catherine (Katie) Ehlman
Dr. M. Catherine (Katie) Ehlman
Associate Professor of Gerontology
Director, Center for Healthy Aging and Wellness
Contact: 812-461-5332
Health Professions Center 2094
Claudine Fairchild
Ms. Claudine Fairchild
Clinical Associate Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chair of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Contact: 812-464-1994
Health Professions Center 2148
Mellisa Hall
Dr. Mellisa Hall
Associate Professor of Nursing
Chair of Master of Science in Nursing Program
Contact: 812-465-1168
Health Professions Center 2133
Kimberly Parsons
Dr. Kimberly Parsons
Assistant Professor of Dental Assisting
Chair of Dental Assisting
Chair of Dental Hygiene
Contact: 812-228-5050
Health Professions Center 2055
Wesley Phy
Mr. Wesley Phy
Clinical Assistant Professor of Respiratory Therapy
Chair of Respiratory Therapy
Contact: 812-464-1751
Health Professions Center 2089
Martin Reed
Dr. Martin Reed
Chair of Radiologic Technology
Associate Professor of Radiologic Technology
Contact: 812-464-1894
Health Professions Center 2072
Sarah Stevens
Dr. Sarah Stevens
Director of Advising
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5238
Health Professions Center 2023D
M. Jane Swartz
Dr. M. Jane Swartz
Contract Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director, Center for Health Professions Lifelong Learning
Contact: 812-465-1162
Health Professions Center 2123
Constance Swenty
Dr. Constance Swenty
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director of Nursing
Contact: 812-461-5408
Health Professions Center 2096
Kevin Valadares
Dr. Kevin Valadares
Associate Professor of Health Services
Chair of Health Administration
Contact: 812-461-5277
Health Professions Center 2147

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