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New academic and athletic logos spark USI brand evolution

New academic and athletic logos spark USI brand evolution

4/9/2014 | University Communications

The University of Southern Indiana announced new academic and athletic logos on April 9, during an unveiling fashion show and ceremony that drew hundreds to the event in Carter Hall on the USI campus. As the University approaches its 50th anniversary, the new logos preserve the University’s colors and traditions while reflecting the evolution of the University’s brand and its identity as a diverse, broad-based institution on a modern and thriving campus.

Selecting the right symbol required distilling the essence of the University into a few simple strokes. The resulting image had to convey history as well as a long and bright future. The new academic logo borrows symbolism from the torch found in the University’s seal, within the spine of an open book, and transforms it into the “I” in USI. The torch’s flame, a red blaze, signifies the illumination of knowledge (and is reminiscent of an eagle’s wing). The new logo is fresh and forward-thinking, innovative and accessible, and imbues a sense of openness and connectivity that is indicative of the University of Southern Indiana.

A new tagline, “Knowledge for Life,” also was announced in connection with the new academic logo. “Knowledge for Life” is an element of the USI brand and will be used in conjunction with the new academic logo. The tagline speaks to the University’s primary academic mission of advancing education and knowledge. USI President Linda L. M. Bennett stated, “Academic quality has been a part of this University since its founding. The evolved representation of our brand shines a light on the profound impact we are having on higher education in our region and far beyond.”

The new logos were developed by the University over a nine-month period in partnership with national design firm Rickabaugh Graphics. Headquartered in Ohio, Rickabaugh Graphics is responsible for the logos of hundreds of universities across the nation, including Ohio State, Seton Hall and Marquette University.

USI logo selection and implementation teams collected research and worked with dozens of focus groups—conducting surveys, and polling students, athletes, coaches, faculty, alumni, staff, retirees, and others, in an effort to establish a brand that reflects the overall spirit of the institution. “While logos are just a piece of the overall brand, they are the single-most used visual representation of our brand.” said Kindra Strupp, assistant vice president for Marketing and Communications. “Together, we’ve evolved the USI brand to convey our history and our strong vision for the future of USI.”

USI’s new athletic logo highlights the Screaming Eagle tradition and depicts a fiercer, more competitive, and proud eagle. “The new athletic mark is an important step in the growth of our department,” said Jon Mark Hall, director of Athletics. “The modern, fierce look of the eagle represents a proud and determined athletic program that strives for academic and athletic excellence every day. It was time to evolve our brand in a way that represents the success of our outstanding student athletes and coaches, and takes us into the future.” 

The new athletic logo will be rolled out for USI’s 15 NCAA Division II teams beginning in summer and fall 2014.

“I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it has been to see the energy that has gone into creating this new look for USI,” said Bennett. “Even more exciting has been the overwhelming support from our USI family, including alumni, faculty, students, staff, retirees, and our friends in the community. Everyone has rallied behind us.”

Official logo apparel and other logo merchandise are available at the USI Campus Store, located in University Center West on the USI Campus. Find out more about USI’s brand at

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