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Enrollment Verification

An Enrollment Verification is a printed document that includes formal verification of a student's enrollment status. This document may be used for a good student insurance discount, coverage on parents' insurance, potential employment, or other purposes.

USI participates in the National Student Clearinghouse, providing enrollment data that is accessible by various loan companies for the purpose of student loan deferments. If an enrollment verification is needed for another purpose, the student can initiate the release of their information by printing an enrollment verification certificate.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 requires the written signature or electronic signature (myUSI password) of the student to release information pertaining to their academic records. Printing an enrollment verification certificate "conveys consent" to the officials of the University of Southern Indiana to release your enrollment verification information.

Requesting an Enrollment Verification Certificate

Students print their own enrollment verification certificate and provide it to the insurance company or other recipient that needs proof of enrollment. Log log in to myUSI with your username and password, then:

  • Click the Self Service icon on the dashboard
  • Click Student, then Student Records
  • Click Request Enrollment Verification

Follow the on-screen instructions to obtain an enrollment certificate with the desired information. Options for printing the certificate are:

  • Current enrollment - provides enrollment status for the current semester, with status effective date(s)
  • All enrollment - provides enrollment history for all terms attended, with status effective dates
  • Good Student Discount certificate - available to full-time students with at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA

You may also view:

  • Student loan deferment notifications provided to loan holders
  • Proof(s) of enrollment that have been provided to health insurers and other providers
  • Specific information about your student loans

Employers, loan companies, and others needing proof of enrollment or verification of degree completion should contact the National Student Clearinghouse directly at or respectively.

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