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Class Attendance

Effective fall 2006, the University will no longer cancel students' classes for failure to settle their account with the Bursar; enrolled students must take action to drop/withdraw themselves from any classes.

A student is expected to attend all classes. It is the responsibility of an instructor to inform the student of the consequences of absence from class. It is the responsibility of the student to keep instructors informed regarding absences from classes.

A student who knows of necessary class absences should consult instructors prior to the absence. A student who misses classes is not excused from the obligations to instructors. Instructors are expected to provide the student with an opportunity to meet class commitments, when absences are for good and proper reasons. Further, instructors are expected to maintain attendance records and to report excessive absences to the Office of the Registrar.

Developmental Classes Mandatory Attendance Policy

The following developmental courses (GENS095, GENS097, GENS098, GENS099, GENS151, MATH100, MATH101) have a mandatory course attendance policy. Students who have more absences than the number of times the course meets per week will be administratively withdrawn from the course. Administrative withdrawal can occur at any point during the academic semester. Students should be aware that enrollment of less than full-time (12 hrs) status could have ramifications for such items as financial aid, health insurance eligibility, etc. Students who are required to miss class for official University events must acquire instructor approval before the scheduled absence.

During the course withdrawal/evaluation period, students who are failing the course at the time of the administrative withdrawal will receive the grade of F or NP.

Students retain the right of appeal for decisions that result in their administrative withdrawal from the course. Students are entitled to remain enrolled in the course during the appeal process until a decision has been made.

Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

Students who are absent one-half or more of the class meetings of a full semester length fall/spring class without excuse during the first three weeks may be notified by letter to their mailing address of the possibility of their being administratively withdrawn from their class. The students so notified will be given until the end of the sixth week to meet with their instructors to resolve the situation. If the situation is not resolved by the end of the sixth week, the instructor of the class may complete the process of an administrative withdrawal of the student. A grade of "W" (withdrawal) will be assigned. A "W" means the student cannot receive credit for the course without future re-enrollment in the course.

Administrative withdrawal for non-attendance does not apply to classes that meet less than the full term or for summer classes.

Merely not attending a course does not automatically remove the course from a student’s record. Students who do not accept the responsibility of completing a Schedule Revision or Withdrawal from the Semester/Term jeopardize their record with the possibility of incurring an F in a course not properly dropped.

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