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USI Today Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Benefits Bash to kick-off open enrollment

The Benefits Bash is a resource to help employees learn what’s new for 2017, and what may be needed during open enrollment.

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Getting to know Amy Ubelhor

Whether it’s brochures, posters, billboards or illume magazine, Amy’s goal is to make the imagery pop. Amy has a great sense of humor and is quite fond of "witty banter."

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Ask the Expert:

What are the qualities of a good manager or leader

"You cannot copy a strategic asset like an employee - you can copy a machine or a process but you cannot copy a human. That's why the human component is the most valuable asset an organization has."

Dr. Jack Smothers

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Q & A with President Bennett

Connie Stambush, editor of illume Magazine, talks to President Linda Bennett about the significance of the upcoming presidential election.

Faculty Achievements

Dr. Rocco Gennaro recently published book

Dr. Rocco Gennaro recently had his book Consciousness published by Routledge Press.

Description: Consciousness is arguably the most important interdisciplinary area in contemporary philosophy of mind, with an explosion of research over...


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