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Honors Housing

USI honors students in residence halls

Honors Living-Learning Community

Freshmen in the Honors Program may choose to live in a special living learning community in the residence hall. Students live on the same floor with other Honors students and take a cluster of three classes together.

The LLC helps students get to know others with similar interests and interact more closely with faculty. Special activities such as trips and volunteer experiences are planned to help the students learn and grow. Students living on the same floor find it easy to get together to study or enjoy campus and community activities. Students living on this floor will grow to be active in the Evansville and USI communities.

Honors Apartments

Honors students have the opportunity to live with likeminded students in the Honors apartments. Freshmen who want to live in an apartment are welcome to live in the Honors apartments. Please contact the Honors Program if you are interested.

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