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All-Campus Points

Current All-Campus Point Standings

A cumulative total of the All Campus Intramural points will be kept throughout the year. Teams receive points for each activity participated in. 

All Campus Intramural Point System Guidelines 

1) Multiple Teams or Players Entered: Points will be awarded to the highest finishing player or team when multiple teams or players are entered into an event. Also, if multiple teams with the same name finishes in the top four places they will secure the top finishing points earned and be allowed to eliminate one point position.

2) All Campus Intramural Point Sportsmanship Rule: Teams that receive below a   “3.0” sportsmanship rating in league or tournament play may be awarded only half of the    event points earned. Additional penalties may be imposed on teams or individuals
depending on the severity.

3) All Campus points will be deducted from a team or member team that fails to show up for an event as follows: 

       Level 1A              Level 1B              Level 2                Level 3        
     - 50 points         - 15 points         - 10 points         - 10 points   

 Point Values

                                       Level 1A       Level 1B       Level 2       Level 3  
1st Place 150 100 50 -
2nd Place 125 75 40 -
3rd - 4th Places 100 50 30 -
Qualified for Tourney 75 25 - -
Participation 50 15 10 10


4) Teams that "show up" for all their games and don't forfeit receive +25 pts. for league and + 5 pts. for non-league.

5) Teams who receive perfect 4.0 Sportsmanship ratings every game receive +25 pts.

Sport Classification

Levels 1A & 1B:  Basketball, Bowling, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, and Floor

Level 2:  3 v 3 Basketball, Badminton, Golf, Disc Golf, Table Tennis, Tennis, Billiards,
Miniature Golf, Cornhole, Dodgeball, Kickball, Wiffleball, 3 Pt. Shooting, and Free Throw Shooting

Level 3: Laser Tag & Fun at Walther’s, Halloween Glo Bowling and Battleship

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