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admin assistants and associatesAll USI employees are encouraged and welcome to participate in AA&A

The organization's name should not be confused with titles or positions, but simply reflects the different titled positions held by USI employees, from faculty, support staff to administrative staff. 

During the year organization members and attendees engage in a variety of activities once a month between September and April, which may include trips off-campus and guest speakers who enhance the lives of members by providing entertainment, as well as hints on improving oneself in the workplace and as a person.

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Why Join?                                                         

The AA&A started in 1969 and is considered the longest, still active employee organization on campus.

The three reasons for forming the organization were:

  1. to build unity within USI for employees,
  2. to learn ways to improve professionally,
  3. to establish an endowed scholarship to help eligible USI students.

Benefits include:

  1. Networking within the employees across the USI campus,
  2. Improving professionally,
  3. Helping eligible USI students succeed by supporting a scholarship fund.