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The University provides group long-term disability insurance coverage for eligible faculty, administrative and support staff upon completion of three years of continuous service. There is no cost to employee; USI pays total premium.

The three-year waiting period may be waived if the employee:

  • is on at least a 75% regular academic or fiscal year assignment; and,
  • was covered by his or her former employer under a similar group program through an insurance company where benefits were payable for a minimum of five years and which was in effect within 100 days prior to his or her employment at the University; and,
  • provides documentation of such coverage to the Human Resources Department within 60 calendar days of the first day of employment.

The long-term disability monthly income benefit equals 60% of the employee's monthly wage base (up to a maximum monthly benefit of $6,000), less the sum of benefits from other sources, such as Social Security or any other retirement disability benefits. 

An employee may be eligible for disability benefits because of sickness or injury if the employee:

  • is limited from performing the material and substantial duties of his or her regular occupation; and,
  • has a 20% or more loss in indexed monthly earnings due to the same sickness or injury

Benefits, if approved, start the first day of the month after the end of the elimination period. The elimination period is 180 consecutive days of documented disability status.