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Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance

This benefit is available to regular, non-temporary, benefits-eligible employees.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance offers you the option to purchase voluntary term life insurance at group rates on a payroll deduction basis for yourself, your spouse and/or dependent children. You may be eligible to purchase up to $500,000 for yourself and up to $200,000 for your spouse. Coverage for dependent children is available at a minimal cost. 

This insurance plan is voluntary and is offered as added coverage to the University-provided life insurance. The employee pays the premium through payroll deduction.

Evidence of Insurability Submission

If you elect to increase coverage after your initial new hire enrollment window or you wish to elect more than the guaranteed amount, you will need to complete Evidence of Insurability for each person. Please see this guide on how to submit your EOI. 

Reduction of benefit

Under this plan, your coverage amount reduces to 65% at age 65, 50% at age 70 and 25% at age 75. You spouse's coverage amount reduces by your spouse's age as follows: 65% at age 65, 50% at age 70 and 25% at age 75.