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Have you recently considered going back to school to finish your college degree? If so, you are not alone! 

36 million American adults have some college education but no degree, and over 3 million of those adults returning to college are considered likely to complete their degrees.  

The University of Southern Indiana offers several undergraduate degree completion programs that can greatly benefit those who may have unfinished college credits. Many of these degree completion programs can be completed online – perfect for working adults! In fact, 11 out of 12% who return to school to finish their degree through online programs complete their studies.   

Job Opportunities and Job Security

If you’ve been on the search for a new job but have been having some troubles getting an interview or a call back, completing a bachelor’s degree is a great way to immediately boost your resume. Not only will earning a bachelor’s degree open doors to new job opportunities, but it’ll also give you that competitive edge that’ll show employers you may be more qualified. Along with the college degree, you will gain more knowledge, skills, and experience when going back to school that many companies look for when hiring. By having a degree, you are more likely to find higher up and better paying positions within your field that come with better health insurance and more vacation days. 

To Change Your Career Path 

Completing a degree can help you completely alter your career. Perhaps you’ve entered a different field because your degree went unfinished, or maybe you’re realizing that the field you’ve entered isn’t what you thought it would be. A change of direction with a newly completed degree may be the change you need! College exposes you to all kinds of different subjects and people and allows you to make those connections that will help you as you pursue your new career. You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself as you explore your interests with others who share similar passions. 

For Yourself

If you never had the time or money, now is the time to finish what you started and obtain a college degree, which is something to be proud of. Earning a bachelor’s degree can increase your confidence and self-worth by helping you learn how to overcome challenges and develop a good work ethic. Returning to school allows you to educate yourself on certain topics you’ve always wanted to learn more about. With a degree, you have nothing stopping you from achieving your goals and are able to create your own success! 

The University of Southern Indiana offers several options for online degree completion, whether you have specific training or are looking to build a bachelor's degree to accomplish your career goals.

You can learn more about each program below!