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Meet our MHA Faculty

Our experienced Master of Health Administration faculty are here to help you succeed and provide you with the latest knowledge in the field. Get to know more about our faculty below by watching the videos below, as well as see the best contact information for each faculty member. 

Dr. Kevin Valadares

Professor of Health Services
Chair of Health Administration
Health Professions Center 3089
812-461-5277 | | Website

Dr. Kevin Valadares has been a faculty member at USI since 2001 and chairs the MHA program. He is very involved (primarily though externally funded grants) in initiating an Advance Care Planning platform in health care organizations and community settings.

Dr. Erin Reynolds

Associate Professor of Health Services/Administration
Health Professions Center 3011
812-465-1172 |

Dr. Erin Reynolds came to USI after graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 and teaching at the University of the Gambia and Gambia College during the spring semester of 2013 with the U.S. Peace Corps Response.

Dr. Swateja Nimkar

Associate Professor of Health Services
Health Professions Center 3009
812-465-1158 |  | Website

Dr. Swateja Nimkar is an Associate Professor at USI. In an era favorable for interdisciplinary careers, she has an inter-professional educational background in pharmacy, public health, and wellness.

Dr. Zachary Ward

Assistant Professor of Health Administration
Health Professions Center 3010
812-228-5027 |  | Website

Dr. Zachary Ward is an Ed.D graduate of Western Kentucky University. He is interested in clinician burnout, retention and engagement, innovative leadership of healthcare organizations, and rural healthcare leadership.

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