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Candidate Travel is defined as travel by a person whom an authorized University employee has invited to interview for an open advertised position within the University. Travel Procurement assists departments with the process of the candidate's air and/or lodging arrangements, which is outlined below.


Complete a Candidate Travel Arrangements Request Qualtrics form for each candidate that requires travel arrangements (i.e., airfare and/or lodging).

Airfare and/or lodging not needed? Then a form does not need to be submitted. See Part 3: Request Reimbursement.


1. Travel Procurement will email the candidate, if air travel is requested, to obtain the necessary information to purchase their airline ticket.

Faculty/Staff ACTION: Inform the candidate that Travel USI will send an email, and the USI contact person will also be CC'd on the email.

2. Travel Procurement will email the department contact with a suggested flight itinerary for the visit.

Faculty/Staff ACTION: Accept the flight arrangements as presented or contact the candidate for a discussion before accepting the itinerary.

3. Travel Procurement will email the finalized travel plans to the department contact after the travel arrangements (air and/or lodging) have been confirmed.

Faculty/Staff ACTION: Forward the finalized travel arrangements to the candidate.

4. Travel Procurement will submit the Pre-Approval and Expense Report in Chrome River to reconcile the travel purchase(s) made with its Travel Card (i.e., airfare and/or lodging).


If your candidate will incur travel expenses* that you would like to reimburse to them, then before the candidate arrives, do the following:

  1. Discuss the reimbursement with a department financial manager.
  2. Email USI Chrome River Helpdesk to request Accounts Payable create a Banner ID for the candidate.
    • Include the name(s) of the candidate and their email address(es)
  3. After creating a Banner ID, Travel Procurement will create a Chrome River account for the candidate. Then, you (or an administrative assistant) may submit a Chrome River Expense Report on behalf of the candidate.

Send reimbursement and/or Expense Report questions to USI Chrome River Helpdesk. Accounts Payable will respond to your email.

*Examples of eligible travel expenses are bag fees, airport parking, actual cost of meals, ground transportation, and mileage. Itemized receipts are required for expenses, except for mileage.

If candidate meals are purchased with a personal card, then submit an employee reimbursement in BuyUSI. Contact Procurement if you have questions about BuyUSI. Refer to Section B.26, Expenditures for Hospitality Search Committee Guidelines, in the University Handbook.