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Dining updates coming for Fall Semester

August 11, 2023

Before the end of the 2023 Spring Semester, the USI community heard the news of renovations and plans coming for various dining locations on campus. With a new academic year on the horizon, USI Dining has been gearing up to unveil the changes students, employees and campus guests can expect to see.

As there are many changes, USI Today will feature multiple articles in upcoming issues, detailing the renovations, changes and new menus being offered!

Chick-Fil-A offering more than ever

Ordering at USI’s Chick-Fil-A location will be easier this year with the addition of new, Grubhub self-order kiosks in UC West. Located to the left of the Campus Store, these three stations are available for guests to place orders. There is no charge to use the kiosks to place an order (orders can be placed on the Grubhub app for a 59-cent fee).

A rework of the restaurant space was also made to help workers move orders through faster. One big change is that sauces will be selected as part of the order, removing the potential for backups at the pick-up counter. Guests will also be able to see where their order is in the queue on a large screen off to the right. Additional bistro-style tables and seating will be set up near the pick-up location.

Another change sure to make students and staff happy is an expansion of Chick-Fil-A menu offerings. Guests will now be able to order frosted lemonade drinks along with frosted and regular iced coffee. Ice cream and shakes have made it to the menu as well, with shake flavor offerings including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and Oreo cookie.

Hours for Welcome Week

Below are hours for all dining locations on campus during Welcome Week (August 16-23) and the Fall Semester, beginning August 21. Fall Semester dining hours will be posted soon.


Sub Co.

The Loft


Eagle C-Store

 Archie’s Pizzeria

Archie’s Delivery

Eagle Card Office

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