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Our Mission is to advance USI through pride and enduring connections with its alumni.

Once a Screaming Eagle, always a Screaming Eagle!

The University of Southern Indiana Alumni Association membership is now free thanks to a decision made by the USI Alumni Council. No dues - just opportunities to return to campus, network and engage in educational, service and social activities with other alumni and current students.

As a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, you are a part of the USI Alumni Association connecting you to a community of over 50,000 Screaming Eagles worldwide. What does it mean to be part of an alumni community? It's about lifelong learners making lifelong connections and tapping into lifelong resources and benefits.

Make an Impact

Your gift funds Alumni Association Scholarships for USI students!
By giving to USI, you invest in students, their education and directly impact their success. Learn about ways to support.