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Announcements and Deadlines

Spring 2019 Billing Statements

On December 10, the Bursar's Office will send the spring 2019 billing statements. Your billing statement is a screenshot of your account as of the day we processed the statement. Your billing statement should list your tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans. Students who have completed all necessary requirements for financial aid should see the financial aid on the student bill as “Authorized Aid.” If your financial aid does not appear on your student bill, you may need to accept your financial aid or complete other necessary requirements. 

Payment Plan

The payment plan allows students or authorized users to pay the student’s bill in monthly, interest free installments. A $35 enrollment fee is required to enroll in the payment plan each semester. Students or authorized users may schedule payments to be automatically processed each month or setup reminders to pay by the due date each month (a 2.85% convenience fee will be assessed by the credit card processor). Enroll early for a smaller down payment and monthly installments.

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