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Students can authorize their parents, guardians, spouse, or others to access their billing and payment information within TouchNet. By setting up an Authorized User, the student is giving written permission for that individual to review account information, discuss the account with the Bursar Office Staff, and to make payments toward the student account. The permission will remain in effect until the student deletes the Authorized User from the TouchNet system.

If you are already an authorized user, you can log in now.

Creating Authorized Users

To create an authorized user, the student must initiate the process and know the authorized user's email address.

  1. Student must log into MyUSI and click on the TouchNet icon within the Eagle Apps.

  2. Once in TouchNet, the student selects "Authorized User" under Profile Setup located on the right hand side.

  3. The student enters the email address of the authorized user and indicate what access the individual should be allowed. Once the student clicks continue, they will need to agree to the agreement of the authorized user. Click "I agree."
  4. The authorized user will receive two emails from the Bursar's Office with their login credentials as well as the authorized user login link. The first time the authorized user logs in, they will be prompted to enter their name and change the password.

Authorized Users Access

By being an authorized user, you can...

  • View your student's billing and payment information on TouchNet
  • Make payments or set up a payment plan on TouchNet (Note: TouchNet only allows one active payment plan per student. Multiple authorized users cannot set up a payment plan for the same student.)
  • Discuss the student's account with the Bursar's Office
  • Obtain the student's 1098T information

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), student account information may not be released to a third party (e.g. spouse, parents, sponsor, etc.) without written permission from the student.