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A student who has completed the Indiana College Core (ICC) has satisfied much of Core 39 but additional courses may be needed to allow the student to strengthen, expand, and refine their skills.

Students who have completed the ICC will have a notation included on their transcript. Their official transcript(s) will be evaluated for courses beyond the ICC requirements that may fulfill the Core 39 categories and they will then be advised accordingly.  All Core 39 requirements not listed below are considered met.*

Core 39 Categories Not Fulfilled by the ICC

Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts
Composition II  Composition II
Physical Activity and Wellness Physical Activity and Wellness
Natural Science Natural Science with a lab
Natural Science with a lab Embedded Experience
Embedded Experiences Foreign Language Requirements 1-4

*Some academic programs specify which Core 39 courses students must complete in order to fulfill program needs. Completion of the ICC does not supersede these program-specific requirements (example: nursing majors must take anatomy and physiology, business majors must take microeconomics, psychology, and ethics, etc.).

Completing the ICC at USI

Students enrolled at USI wishing to satisfy Indiana's 30 credit-hour Indiana College Core (ICC) must complete a minimum of three credit hours in each of the six ICC competency areas (written communication, science, speaking and listening, humanistic-artistic, social behavior, and quantitative reasoning) plus 12 additional credit hours from USI’s Core 39 for a minimum of 30 credit hours. The additional credit hours must be selected from courses satisfying BS Skills, BA Skills, or Ways of Knowing categories; the only Foundations course that may be used to satisfy the additional credit hours is ENG 201. A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the ICC is required.

By completing a minimum of three credit hours from each of the six ICC competency areas, USI students will have minimally met all of the required state learning outcomes; the additional 12 credit hours selected from eligible Core 39 courses will serve to strengthen and broaden a student’s foundational knowledge of the learning outcomes while permitting students the flexibility to select courses related to their educational interests.

Students who complete the ICC at USI will be awarded an ICC Certificate and will have the appropriate notation included on their USI transcript.

About the Indiana College Core (ICC)